Setting the stage

John Kerry, the US Secretary of State, is accusing Russia of organising and instigating the popular uprisings in Eastern Ukraine. He is accusing the Russians of undermining the Ukrainian state.

He has not offered a shred of evidence that the uprisings in Eastern Ukraine have been organised by Russia.

Escalating the crisis

NATO General Secretary Anders Fogh Rasmussen has said that he has a message for Russia. It is:

to stop blaming others for your own actions, to stop massing your troops, to stop escalating this crisis and start engaging in a genuine dialogue.

We know what he means by “genuine dialogue”. It means capitulate and agree with us completely in all respects. This is not an interpretation. It is an observable fact. Look what happens when Russia doesn’t go along with the West at the UN. It isn’t accepted as a genuine difference of opinion. They decry it as Russian “obstruction”. This is what happened when Russia would not sign up to yet another war

Why sanctions?

What is going on here?

Russia has not “invaded” anywhere. Nor acted “aggressively”.

The situation in Ukraine can be analysed. In brief; the West and Russia have been competing for influence in post-Soviet Ukraine. Russia used diplomacy; a loan and an agreement with an elected President. The West used the usual underhand methods. A first-wave of NGO infiltration