Stop organising terrorism

In response to the attacks in Volgograd David Cameron has “tweeted” that:

I’m shocked and saddened by the Volgograd attacks. I’ve written to President Putin to say the UK will help Russia in whatever way we can.

Whatever the circumstances they never miss the populist and emotive PR tweet do they?

The main point though is that there are plenty of ways that David Cameron and his allies could help. Here are some ideas:

  • Stop giving diplomatic and military support to one faction in the Syrian civil war. This hasn’t led to a ‘victory’ for the West’s favoured candidates to rule Syria. It has though prolonged the war and the longer it is prolonged the more international jihadist groups flourish there.
  • Stop abusing UN resolutions. Respect international norms. Don’t break any more UN resolutions. As you abused the resolutions on Libya.
  • Don’t collaborate with other parties such as the French who supplied the ‘rebels’ in Libya with weapons

Jail for threatening to be annoying

This is not a joke.

This is Part 1 1) 2) of the Anti-social crime and Policing Bill. It describes the circumstances under which an IPNA (Injunctions to prevent nuisance and annoyance) can be awarded. IPNAs are the new ASBOs.

The first condition is that the court is satisfied, on the balance of probabilities,
that the respondent has engaged or threatens to engage in conduct capable of
causing nuisance or annoyance to any person (“anti-social behaviour”).

IPNAs can be awarded to young people from the age of 10.

The state of Youth Work.

Tony Taylor (pictured), a leading light in the In Defence of Youth Work campaign has written a piece critical of some recent developments in youth work.

This is an enjoyable romp through the current desperate state of youth work in the UK. Taylor points to some truly chilling developments such as the psychologisation of youth work. A think-tank (the Young Foundation) has produced a psychological tool which is being adopted by some national organisations to inform how youth work should proceed. The work appears to have been sponsored by The National Council for Voluntary Youth Services, The National Youth Agency, Social Enterprise UK and the Young Foundation itself.

Ah the irony…

Following a “Friends of Syria” meeting the war-criminal Hague has said:

We are clear that Syrian President Assad has no role in a peaceful and democratic Syria

The irony of a British Foreign Secretary determining in advance of any kind of electoral process who can and can’t have a role in a sovereign foreign country while claiming to be promoting democracy in that country, appears to be lost on the war-criminal William Hague. On the other hand, it is revealing about what they mean when they talk about promoting democracy around the globe.

The second irony is of course “Friends of Syria”. The group includes those countries who are spewing in arms, fuelling a violent civil war, causing untold suffering and countless refugees. Not really all that friendly. Reliable and independent estimates at the start of the conflict were that about 40% of the Syrian population supported Assad.