The myth of “Russian aggression”

Western politicians and the western Media (no essential difference) are peddling the myth of “Russian aggression”.

Let’s consider the matter for a moment.

Crimea has historically been part of Russia. It was incorporated into the Russian Empire in the time of Catherine the Great, in the 18th century. In the 1950’s Khrushchev transferred it to the Soviet Republic of Ukraine. At this time no one could have imagined the subsequent

Proof that they really are demented

This is an exchange between AP reporter Matthew Lee and the US State Department’s Marie Harf.

The exchange is about NATO’s new rapid reaction force. The plan is to base this in the countries of the ‘Eastern members’ – as David Cameron announced at the NATO summit. It was described by David Cameron as a response to “Russian aggression” on Ukraine.

It is worth watching this clip because it shows, in just a couple of minutes, how US officials (and by extension people who share the same version of reality