The state of Youth Work.

Tony Taylor (pictured), a leading light in the In Defence of Youth Work campaign has written a piece critical of some recent developments in youth work.

This is an enjoyable romp through the current desperate state of youth work in the UK. Taylor points to some truly chilling developments such as the psychologisation of youth work. A think-tank (the Young Foundation) has produced a psychological tool which is being adopted by some national organisations to inform how youth work should proceed. The work appears to have been sponsored by The National Council for Voluntary Youth Services, The National Youth Agency, Social Enterprise UK and the Young Foundation itself.


DBS checks – their real purpose

I’ve just signed up for an agency to do support work with young people. My first shift is tomorrow.

I’m given the location where I have to be and told to bring my CRB form. I hum and ha a bit and say slightly evasively it is in my ‘filing cabinet’. Basically I don’t want to turn this into a horrible situation where the main thing about me as I turn up to work with young people is that I have a certificate which shows I’m not a (convicted / charged)