The pressure mounts on the government over its dangerous herd immunity plan for SARS-CoV-2

This is just a link to a Guardian article which lists the growing calls from scientists and professionals bodies in the UK to drop their lunatic (my word) herd immunity strategy and start (already far too late) the testing and quarantining strategies which the WHO recommends and which have been shown to help control the virus in other countries.

Notable in the long list of conscientious objectors to the government’s mass-sacrifice scheme is the British Society for Immunology – who one would have thought might be well-placed to comment on this topic. This group points out as other experts have that the idea of herd immunity is based around proven vaccinations – not mass exposure to an unknown virus. The government’s strategy increasingly looks like it has been informed by people who do not understand the science.

The UK is completely rudderless in the face of coronavirus

Let’s be clear. It is not that the UK has a “contentious” approach to coronavirus. Right now it is in total chaos. Completely rudderless. Continue reading “The UK is completely rudderless in the face of coronavirus”

Critique of UK Government’s “herd-immunity” scheme.

The UK government has u-turned on the rules for large gatherings.

We predicted they would u-turn yesterday; but it has happened sooner than I thought. I assumed that the “let everyone get infected in order to build up immunity” strategy would be overturned once the mass casualties started coming in. However it is beginning to fall apart for a different reason (and with hindsight totally predictable). Organisations and individuals – faced with no direction from government – are beginning to take actions into their own hands. People can read what the WHO is saying and see what every other European country is doing. They can also see what is working in China. This is quarantine and self-isolation on a large scale. Continue reading “Critique of UK Government’s “herd-immunity” scheme.”

Guardian goes into full-on fake news mode

In their live feed on covid-19:

Trump, who initially called coronavirus a “hoax”, explicitly refuses to take responsibility for the “lag” in testing in the US, blaming what he says were outdated rules and regulations that he says were not designed for this sort of outbreak.

No. He didn’t. Trump commented that the Democrats were trying to use coronavirus as they had used the “Russiagate” affair to try to unfairly remove him from office. At no point did Trump call coronavirus a hoax. Not even slightly. Continue reading “Guardian goes into full-on fake news mode”

The latest on UK gov. strategy for covid-19 – Guinea Pig UK

Sorry. Very short of time but check this:

Sir Patrick Vallance, said he thinks coronavirus is likely to become an annual virus.

The chief scientific adviser told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that the government’s approach wass about lowering and extending the peak of the epidemic and developing immunity among the population.

“What we don’t want is everybody to end up getting it in a short period of time so we swamp and overwhelm NHS services – that’s the flattening of the peak,” he said.

“You can’t stop it, so you should end up with a broader peak during which time you’d anticipate that more people would get immunity to this. That in itself becomes a protective part of this process.

“This is quite likely, I think, to become an annual virus, an annual seasonal infection.” [1]

Continue reading “The latest on UK gov. strategy for covid-19 – Guinea Pig UK”

Stop counting and it will go away – UK gov’s new strategy on covid-19

The easiest way to alter perception of some kind of negative situation is simply not to count.

For example, in Iraq the US didn’t (officially) count the number of civilians who died at their checkpoints. [1] Thus they could hide the fact that they were murdering civilians.

The UK gov faced with rapidly rising numbers of infections of covid-19 – not least because they are alone in ignoring WHO advice for strict quarantine measures – are taking the simple expedient of not counting. People with mild symptoms should stay at home and not contact health services. They will not be tested: Continue reading “Stop counting and it will go away – UK gov’s new strategy on covid-19”

Government’s Covid-19 inaction criticized by experts

It looks like the MSM is beginning to give a little coverage to expert voices who are criticising the government’s approach to Coronavirus. As this site has noted in the last few days the UK government is ignoring WHO advice for robust containment measures and appears to be simply taking the view that the thing to do is to let the virus take its course and treat the most serious cases in hospital. Continue reading “Government’s Covid-19 inaction criticized by experts”