Apathy and complacency that even mass death cannot shake

The first part of the judge-run inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire has been released. The Guardian reports that the London Fire Brigade comes in for some criticism – for example that they were not prepared for this kind of contingency. Sir Martin Moore-Bick also apparently comments that more people could have been saved if the order to evacuate had been given sooner. (That is long after the rationale for the stay-put policy had been rendered irrelevant by circumstances and long after the time when most people could have been gotten out safely). Continue reading “Apathy and complacency that even mass death cannot shake”

Grenfell Tower – a fatal case of institutional paralysis

This is the UK public sector displaying its equal capacity for self-protection and incompetence at an extreme level.

The London Fire Brigade Commissioner has explained that more research is needed into “buildings that fail”. This, apparently, is intended to be a credible response to the failings of the London Fire Brigade to evacuate a tower block when the whole building was in flames. Even by the ordinary standards of blasé dereliction of responsibility by British public officials this is outlandish. Continue reading “Grenfell Tower – a fatal case of institutional paralysis”

Faked cries of ‘racism’

The ‘progressive’ movement – the result of the left abandoning real politics in favour of a focus on rights, ‘sensitivity’ and ‘identities’ – has certain features. One of the main ones is a unique single-mindedness which cannot tolerate any kind of difference of opinions. There is a single truth and everyone must subscribe; or they are an an unspeakable bigot. Another feature is the absence of serious argument; ‘truths’ are bandied about as if incontrovertible, when, in reality they are a point of view in a discourse which is far from resolved. For adherents of this ideology their truth is the truth and everyone else is to be denounced and, ideally, eliminated from the social sphere altogether. This is very immature.  People used to transition from being a student to being an adult. Now they don’t bother and public discourse takes place at the level one would expect from a meeting of the most facile of first-year undergraduates. Continue reading “Faked cries of ‘racism’”

When tolerance becomes totalitarianism

The ‘gay rights’ movement initially seemed consistent with the  values of tolerance and liberalism. However it (and the associated ideology which even extends to ‘transgenderism’ and some seemingly rather confused notions around gender) has mutated into an ideology which is far from the values of freedom and tolerance. Continue reading “When tolerance becomes totalitarianism”

Pants on your head at dinner & Operation Midland

This post is about two trends in UK Society. On the one hand a childrens’ Summer Camp where  games include “children wearing their pants on their head at dinner” which seems to show an attitude of lack of awareness of dignity in connection with children which hasn’t changed one jot since the 1920s. On the other hand; Operation Midland, a recent police operation in which establishment figures were investigated for grave crimes of child sexual abuse and murder – purely on the word of a single phantasist. Continue reading “Pants on your head at dinner & Operation Midland”