Liberals misrepresenting Boris Johnson and paving the way for fascism

A headline in today’s Independent reads:

Boris Johnson described most deprived members of society as ‘chavs, losers, burglars and drug addicts’

The casual reader might be mistaken into believing that Boris Johnson did this; that he is an “uncaring Tory” or whatever the motif is this is supposed to foster.

It is in fact a straight lie – of the kind that abounds in the liberal press. Continue reading “Liberals misrepresenting Boris Johnson and paving the way for fascism”

Russia – a country or a demon?

This may seem like a small point; just a throw-away line in a single Guardian article. But I pick on it because it seems indicative of a certain perspective. The comment appears in an article on some sort of a spy scandal in Serbia. (Allegations of a Russian spy paying off a Serbian official; good TV but hardly news – all spy agencies pay informers/agents in ‘enemy’ and even ‘allied’ countries all the time). The article is by Shaun Walker who used to be based in Moscow where he churned out a series of anti-Russia propaganda articles.  This is what struck me: Continue reading “Russia – a country or a demon?”

The abyss we live in when the concept of truth is abolished. (aka. The UK’s Guardian)

This is a story in the Guardian about the death in Istanbul of the ex British soldier who founded the White Helmets.

The White Helmets is a group in Syria who have been very lavishly funded by the UK’s Foreign Office [1] and by the US to produce stories favourable to the UK’s / Western narrative on Syria. The narrative is that Assad “must go” because he “murders his own people”. The White Helmets was set up to document these alleged atrocities. Along the way they have no doubt helped rescue people from burning buildings – all the while of course generating excellent footage for the Assad is murdering his own people line. Continue reading “The abyss we live in when the concept of truth is abolished. (aka. The UK’s Guardian)”

The Amnesia of the Western Media on Libya

No one disputes now that Libya is a total mess. The country is riven by a struggle for power between the UN recognized government in Tripoli and the forces of General Haftar in the East. All over the country multiple independent militias vie for power. The country has been used as a transit route for hundreds of thousands of migrants from Africa on their way to Europe. All this was predicted by Muammar al-Gaddafi before being butchered on the battlefield by a militia supported by NATO 2011. (Google disarmingly calls his torture and cold-blooded execution on the battlefield an “assassination” in their pop-out info. sheet on Gaddafi which comes up in a search). Another tragic consequence of the collapse of Gaddafi’s government has been the transfer of large amounts of weaponry from his stocks to various militias in Mali – which has led to instability and deaths in that country. Continue reading “The Amnesia of the Western Media on Libya”

The Foreign Office is aiding a hit and run driver

A few weeks ago the wife of a US agent working in the UK was involved in a road accident in which a 19 year old British teenager lost his life.

Aided by the Foreign Office she ran away to the US, leaving, apparently on a US military plane. She had initially told police that she would not run away. [1] The FO and police covered up her flight for several days – hiding it from the grieving family. [2] Continue reading “The Foreign Office is aiding a hit and run driver”

Banditry dressed up by the Western media as humanitarian intervention

The US has recently announced that it is “securing” oil-fields in Northern Syria.

This is the US President:

But we are leaving soldiers to secure the oil. And we might have to fight for the oil. It’s ok. Maybe somebody else wants the oil, in which case they have a hell of a fight.

[…] What I intend to do perhaps is make a deal with ExxonMobil or one of our great companies to go in there and do it properly. [1]

Continue reading “Banditry dressed up by the Western media as humanitarian intervention”