The Foreign Office is aiding a hit and run driver

A few weeks ago the wife of a US agent working in the UK was involved in a road accident in which a 19 year old British teenager lost his life.

Aided by the Foreign Office she ran away to the US, leaving, apparently on a US military plane. She had initially told police that she would not run away. [1] The FO and police covered up her flight for several days – hiding it from the grieving family. [2] Continue reading “The Foreign Office is aiding a hit and run driver”

Banditry dressed up by the Western media as humanitarian intervention

The US has recently announced that it is “securing” oil-fields in Northern Syria.

This is the US President:

But we are leaving soldiers to secure the oil. And we might have to fight for the oil. It’s ok. Maybe somebody else wants the oil, in which case they have a hell of a fight.

[…] What I intend to do perhaps is make a deal with ExxonMobil or one of our great companies to go in there and do it properly. [1]

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Are people really too feeble to tell if a politician is lying?

There is a bit of a campaign afoot at the moment to get Facebook to “factcheck” what politicians can say on their platform. The Guardian is pushing hard on this. So is Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez – the Guardian naturally presents Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez as a kind of superhero. Continue reading “Are people really too feeble to tell if a politician is lying?”

The Guardian and Assange

Julian Assange was in court in London recently for a case management hearing.

This is ex Ambassador Craig Murray’s piece on this sorry pretence of ‘justice’. This is John Pilger’s piece on RT.

This is the Guardian’s piece. A few extracts and comments:

The WikiLeaks founder’s legal team requested more time to submit evidence and the postponement of the full extradition hearing, while claiming the charges against him were politically motivated

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Grenfell Tower – a fatal case of institutional paralysis

This is the UK public sector displaying its equal capacity for self-protection and incompetence at an extreme level.

The London Fire Brigade Commissioner has explained that more research is needed into “buildings that fail”. This, apparently, is intended to be a credible response to the failings of the London Fire Brigade to evacuate a tower block when the whole building was in flames. Even by the ordinary standards of blasé dereliction of responsibility by British public officials this is outlandish. Continue reading “Grenfell Tower – a fatal case of institutional paralysis”

UK media and elisions

This really follows on from a post on a similar theme last week.  In that post we commented how stories about Libya in the UK press somehow seem to manage to skate over the recent history of Libya. Anyone reading these reports could  be forgiven for not realising that NATO attacked Libya in 2011 – an event which preceded the current chaos in the country. In that report Gaddafi simply “died”. No mention of the NATO attacks and assist at his ‘death’ at all. Continue reading “UK media and elisions”