The first of what will no doubt be an endless series of laments. Everything in this shitty country is about MONEY.

A steady drip-drip of larceny and greed. Destroying the Soul.

Tiny examples – but they all shape the environment. People complain about the atheism of the USSR. But what about the Godless materialism of the West?

I booked into a hotel in Wales recently. I asked the woman on the other end of the line the price. £70.00 she says – her voice eager and fearful that it will be too much. She is trying to get as much as she possibly can. Why not think about your business – about the service you offer – the hospitality you provide – and which (I’ve no doubt is good and you enjoy giving) and THEN think about the money? Yes; you’d be £10.00 worse off on some bookings – but, you’d be happier – and the world itself would be a happier place.

And, no, you didn’t really need to send me a series of upsells following my booking – I’m sure your restaurant is nice and I was planning to eat there anyway.

All this getting getting getting destroys the Soul.


The abusers

What shall we do with them?

Is it really true that we should respond with patience and tolerance?

To people who rape, murder, abuse children?

Who deny others the basic right to exist?

Who “delete” others?

is it really true?