Western democracy is a hierarchical system

Ivan Illich talked about “right-wing, manipulative” organisations. These are organisations which are organised for the benefit of the organisation; consumers of the product or service are manipulated to make them dependent on the service. These organisations are hierarchical; the needs of the consumer come last. An example might be the NHS – the primary beneficiaries are big pharma (and their stockholders), then consultants and senior managers, next ordinary doctors and nurses. Patients and cleaners are probably about equal. The needs of the patients are met but only once all the people above them in the hierarchy have organised matters to their benefit first. One key aim of these stakeholders is to ensure repeat consumption of their products and services.

Parliamentary democracy works essentially the same way. Continue reading “Western democracy is a hierarchical system”

Sense on Russia & against liberal-progressive ideologies!

I don’t have a lot of time at the moment unfortunately so James Heartfield will have to speak for me; which he does quite eloquently in his review of Luke Harding’s latest anti-Russia offering.

The thing with Harding is (in his own words) he “joins the dots” on Russia. He is the true believer in his own inventions. But they remain, as Heartfield suggests here, inventions. Continue reading “Sense on Russia & against liberal-progressive ideologies!”

Russian disinformation

Flag of NATO

There is another round of hysteria in the Western press at the moment about Russian “disinformation” and “meddling” in Brexit.

The Guardian published a survey showing that 49% of voters believe that Russia “meddled” in the Brexit referendum. Strangely, the report doesn’t mention how Russia meddled. In fact it isn’t strange at all. The fact is even when it is mentioned it turns out, invariably – in all cases, not just this one, that the “meddling” amounts to an editorial line on RT and Sputnik – two very obviously Russian state media outlets, and a handful of social media posts or reposts (which can more or less be attributed to “actors close to the Kremlin” – or something like that).  The Guardian article is accidentally revealing. It doesn’t in fact matter what Russia did; all that matters is that people believe that Russia “meddled”. So – people will believe that they are under threat and need to be defended. All this is a campaign by NATO linked actors to sow in Western brains the idea that the West and ‘democracy’ is under attack. Continue reading “Russian disinformation”

The lying on Coronavirus – as virulent as the virus itself

Sars-Cov-2 illustration

The Public Accounts Committee has just issued a report in which they commented that the UK government’s behaviour towards Care Homes vis-à-vis Covid-19 was “reckless”.

Someone from PHE (Public Health England – a government body) explained to the Committee:

What was becoming clear in the back-end of March and certainly from the beginning of April was that there was an asymptomatic phase, which means that people can transfer the virus without ever having symptoms, or a significant pre-symptomatic phase, which is where the virus could be shared.

The context is that it wasn’t until 15th April that mandatory Covid-19 testing was introduced for patients who were being discharged from hospitals into Care Homes. Up until that point patients were discharged from hospitals without a test. Some will have been infectious and some not. No one knew. And no one cared. In the words of one consultant this “seeded” Covid-19 into Care Homes. 16,000 people have died as a result. Continue reading “The lying on Coronavirus – as virulent as the virus itself”