Simon Tisdall spews garbage about Russia in the Guardian

Liberals hate Russia, Russians and Putin. They hate Putin because he is a somewhat authoritarian figure who has been immensely successful in uniting and leading Russia. Under his rule the economy has strengthened and stabilized – strong enough to weather the storm of Western sanctions and a collapse in world oil prices and still show modest growth. The country continues to be modernised and infrastructure developed. Corruption at a senior level has been tackled. All this can be confirmed by reading the work of experts from e.g. the OECD. Don’t get your picture about Russia from delusional hate-mongers like Tisdall. Continue reading “Simon Tisdall spews garbage about Russia in the Guardian”

Therapy – [Therapy]

Therapists entrap their clients when their clients are at a low point and are emotionally vulnerable. The advertising does this in a completely naked way – focussing on what are, for many people, difficult times in their lives; bereavement, losing a job, splitting up with a partner and so on. At these times peoples’ self-confidence can often be at a low ebb. They are susceptible to the blandishments of the therapists and counsellors. Of course; what people who respond to these adverts really want is a bit of warmth, some companionship. They are lonely. If they had a strong circle of real friends they would not have been browsing the therapy ads. in the first place. And so; they are sucked in. Continue reading “Therapy – [Therapy]”

The “austerity” crisis in the UK – it is not what it seems

The Guardian (for various reasons the paper this writer reads most often) is continually full of stories about people in poverty. There are more stories about food banks than there are stars in the sky. And “homeless” children (who it usually turns out are in fact being housed in a hostel at public expense). And people (this is one of their favourite story lines) “who have to choose between eating and heating”. And so on. Continue reading “The “austerity” crisis in the UK – it is not what it seems”

Dots and lines – delusions about Russia

I’ve tagged this piece to link it to my series on Anti-Russian propaganda in the UK press. But really it belongs in a special category of its own devoted to the ravings of Guardian journalist Luke Harding. Harding – who was once posted to Moscow (and whose tenure ended when the Russians declined to renew his Visa – a matter which he depicts as being ‘thrown out’ of Russia) – is notorious for his “join the dots” journalism on Russia. (His words). For Harding “joining the dots” means inventing all sorts of stories which – for Harding at least – must be true because they are the only possible explanation which connects some dots. He shows you the dots – simple facts in the public domain – and then claims that the dots prove the lines – his stories which “connect the dots”.  He is informing us about the lines which must be there because of the dots. The alternative explanation is that the lines are purely in Harding’s own head.

Continue reading “Dots and lines – delusions about Russia”

My Buy to Let landlords

The property was a miniscule one-bedroomed ‘house’ on a development at the edge of town. 

Let’s call him Mr Get Rich-quick. He told me, as he showed me round, (it didn’t take long), that he worked for a couple of Pakis in the pharmaceutical business. He didn’t like them because they were overpricing drugs which they were selling to the NHS. By this he established his patriotic credentials. I think the idea was that he was on my side, a fellow Brit; not an exploitative landlord. He had principles; he didn’t like the NHS being ripped off. However, he overdid it and, crudely, invented what he presumably thought would be a mutual enemy – Pakis. In trying to sound patriotic he ended up being racist. Perhaps better not to be a buy-to-let landlord in the first place and then the problem wouldn’t arise. Continue reading “My Buy to Let landlords”

It is not just politicians who tell lies

One feature of this election has been the willingness of some sections of the press to tell bare-faced lie after lie. I have been reading the Guardian and occasionally The Independent – and both of these papers have relentlessly lied.

One feature of these lies is that they appear to be made by people who either a) are of such feeble intelligence that they can’t grasp nuance and complexity of a situation or b) who are normal but who count on their readers being of type a). Either way – this isn’t just about lying. Wish that it were. This is about a kind of bestial disregard for truth. Continue reading “It is not just politicians who tell lies”

Lies about the Afghan war

The Washington Post has obtained and published documents from a unit which was set up to investigate waste and inefficiency in the US efforts in Afghanistan. (Sigar).

The documents show that the US – under  3 administrations – has been duping the American public about the Afghan war – attempting to present it as a success even when they knew it was a costly failure (in lives as well as money). Continue reading “Lies about the Afghan war”